Otowin device with an audiometry measurement

Pure-tone Audiometry is the basic review of the hearing. This test allows a quick check of the transmission chain of sound to the brain. The measure is obtained through the issuance of a sound wave frequency calibrated whose it will lower the power until the patient hears. The sounds are emitted by a helmet above the ear in one ear then in the other with a mask-side.

User tips:

  • Make sure that the ear canal is not obstructed.
  • Check the status of the eardrums.
  • To obtain quality results, the patient should be comfortably settled in a quiet place, devoid of surrounding noise.

Mesure specifications:

  • Air conduction: 125 to 8 000Hz / -10 to 110dB HL
  • Bone conduction: 250 to 8 000Hz / -10 to 70dB HL
  • Dual channel
  • Contralateral masking

Targeted pathologies: transmission deafness (bone curve better than air), perception deafness (identical air and bone curves, mixed deafness (mixture of the both).

Different types of deafness: Light deafness (loss between 20 and 40 dB), moderate deafness (loss between 40 and 70 dB),significant deafness (loss between 70 and 90 dB), deep deafness (loss up to 90 dB), total deafness (no measurable hearing).

Method: Pure-tone Audiometry allows searching hearing thresholds for each ear in a frequency range from 125Hz to 12 kHz. While bone conduction evaluates performance of the inner ear and the auditory nerve, the air conduction tests all of the acoustic function of the external ear to the auditory nerve. Interpretation of the audiogram, measures the degree of hearing loss and type of deafness. The pure-tone also allows the determination of threshold of discomfort, or looking for any frequency of tinnitus.

Delivered in a carrying bag with all the necessary accessories to take the measurement, the OTOWIN is intended for screening and audiometric monitoring of employees. Reliable tests are possible even outside an audiometry booth thanks to the passive attenuation DD65 headset. Its integration of indices (Sigycop, IPA, IML, ISP), its dedicated interface as well as its compatibility with several patient management software (PlaneteCES, DINAMIT, ValSolution …) make it the ideal tool for occupational health services.


Handheld otowin device with audiometry graph


Perform tests directly on the device
With its carrying case, it is possible to use the Otowin device in many places (audiometry cabin, consulting room…). Ultra-light, it easily fits in your hand. Thanks to its color touch screen, you can display the results of the tests directly on the screen of the device and analyse them without using paper.

Logiciel Otowin avec mesure d'audiométrie


Connect the device to your computer via the supplied USB cable, you can control the device from your PC or MAC with the free Otowin software. You will also be able to consult your database, create patient files, export and print datas.



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