CALIBRATION and after sale service


A calibration of the device is recommended once a year to guarantee the quality of the measurement.

We propose a  package including the:
– calibration of all acoustic stimulators
– verification of operation and general condition
– check of the device firmware version and update to the latest available

We send you a quote and await your validation

Depending on the solution you chose, our carrier pickup your device or you send it to us.
Remember to send the complete device and to disconnect all the connectors.

Upon receipt of your package we carry out the maintenance operations (usually on the same day)

We return your equipment or your carrier picks it up

After sale service

You can reach the after-sale at the following number : +33 6 15 01 33 46, by email: or by filling out the form below, our after-sales service team will answer you quickly.

This number is visible at the bottom right of the home screen or on the label at the back of the device. The format is similar to this one: "20123-001". It is not compulsory to fill in this field to send your message but the more information we have, the more we will be able to process your request as soon as possible.
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