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The OtoPhyLab device is exclusively dedicated to research laboratories performing measurements on the animal inner ear. It enables tests at high frequency ranges. The device is designed for the study of hearing loss, impact of pharmacological molecules on hearing, impact of sound exposure … 
It includes two measurements:
ABR for electrophysiological measurement and DP-gram for acoustic distortion products measurement.
With its reliability and quickness of execution, the OtoPhyLab device will allow you to measure the cochlea integrity.


Appareil Otophylab avec mesure PEA

Auditory Brainstem Response, also known as brainstem auditory evoked potentials are widely used both in the world of neurological expiration and that of ENT. It is a non-invasive electrophysiological technique based on the principle of electroencephalography (EEG), it provides objective test, reproducible information about the auditory function, from the cochlea to the brainstem.

The ABR module makes it possible to test a wide range of frequency and easily identify threshold thanks to his modular and customizable scripting system.

Available frequencies (in Hertz)

1252505007501 0001 5002 0003 0004 0006 0008 00010 00012 00016 00024 00032 000


Appareil Otophylab avec mesure Dpgramme

Distortion products are characterized by two stimulating sounds known as primaries. By varying the frequencies of these two primaries f1 and f2, it is possible to collect various distortion products to get a tracing called DPgram (graphic distortion products, analogy to the audiogram). By observing the spectrum cochlear, frequency by frequency (1000 to 32 000Hz), it is possible to estimate the degree of deafness.

The OtoPhyLab device integrates high frequencies ranges in order to scan the major part of the animal cochlea.

Available frequencies (in Hertz)

1 0001 5002 0003 0004 0005 0006 0008 00012 00016 00024 00032 000


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